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GHDJ aims to create human resources who can work globally. We expect more Japanese to work in global arena. We are offering various programs to improve the communication skills.


The simple goal of Globish is to reach only a level -- a common ground -- where everyone understands everyone else, everywhere in the world. This was developed by Jean-Paul Nerriere, from France. It involves limited 1,500 words, short sentences, limited to understanding, no limit in using hands, face, or body to get the point across.

There are more than 600000 words in the Oxford English Dictionary. And the native English speakers have their own expressions and accents of their own countries. So, there are many non-native speakers who study English wondering how hard they should study to master English, all over the world.

English can be high level, uses difficult expressions. But Globish uses simpler, more universal tool just to communicate to achieve “enough” .

Until PC is used into the business, it was very important to write a formal business letters by hand writing. (In Japan with the tradition of calligraphy, beautifully written hand writing used to be highly important to show respect or politeness.) But, in our society now, most of the letters are written by PC and by e-mail. This does not mean, beautiful hand writing is no longer needed. Both have their meanings of existence.

So, both Globish and English can exist together. If you can use both of them, it is great. But, if you can’t use English at this stage, why not trying to learn Globish first?

For us, Japanese, we are very busy. Business people may not have enough time to learn English. As your position gets higher to take more responsibilities, you are likely to need more English to communicate. But, if you aim for perfect English, you will never catch up to your business requirements in this high-speed globalization. To communicate, Globish is good enough.

Globish communicates in simple English, using only 1500 Basic Words and their root words.
You do not have to use difficult words. The important thing is what you do as business. With Globish, you can learn in short time, and can manage to satisfy your business needs.

Globish is not a broken English. And not poor English. If everyone decides to use Globish, everyone uses the same rules. Native speakers or high scorers of TOEIC, it does not matter. For example, for foot ball, you can’t use hands. And that is the universal rule. The same thing works for Globish. You can only use 1500 Basic Words*. That is the universal rule for Globish speakers.

*You can use technical terms in your business fields, if everyone at the meeting understands them.

Globish is a solution to people doing business around the world, in need of a universal language to do business by non-native English speakers. It is just starting to become known by many in the world, and we want you to be the first to learn, too.
GHDJ is supporting Globish to be used all over the world.

For more information of Globish, please see


MBTI® is a registered trademark of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Trust in the United States and other countries.

MBTI is psychometric test designed to measure psychological likes and not likes in how people see the world and make decisions. These likes and not likes were chosen from the typological theories proposed by Carl Jung’s Psychological Types.
This test is made by Katharine Briggs(1875-1968) and her daughter, Isabel Myers(1897-1980). This test is used over 50 countries, taken by more than 5 million people a yeaer, and is the most used psychometric test in the world.

The major characteristic of MBTI is, you just do not get results by taking the test, but you must get a face-to-face feedback from MBTI Certified User. And you can find your best fitted type through the feedback. This is to find what you like and do not like in life, in society, at work, at home, ‘your true self’.(It is also important that this is not a test to put you into A type, but to understand that same type can be different by individual.)

If you understand your type deeper, you will be able to understand how to pick jobs, change your current job or study, or why you feel tired in certain situations. This is useful for respectful relationships, team building, gaining leadership, in career development, and so on. It is very important to know how effectively you can communicate with different types of people, in human relationships and in business.

It is important in global environment, to accept different ideas and respect others even though they are different from you. MBTI is a universal method. In most of the major companies listed as Fortune Top 100 in the US, are using it for company training programs.

AT GHDJ, we offer trainings for companies.


What is Global communication skills:

What is global communication skills? One of the important skills is international communication skill. To improve the English speaking skill is important one. You need to speak English as a communication tool, with the understanding of global mind. This is important for someone to become global leader. Then what is communication skills? listen to others propose ideas to others facilitate effectively.

What is Facilitation skills:

Faciilitation skill is one of the basis of communication skill. It is the skills of understanding various ideas, looking over the whole picture and exchanging ideas, and making the meeting meaningful.
In business, politics or economics, spreading across the globe, we need facilitation leaders in the society, to understand and mix wide range of views of many culture, various ideas of people all over the world.

At GHDJ, we have plans and teaching of ‘Global Human Resources Seminars’ for private organizations and companies, to improve your global communication skills and facilitation skills.

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