About GHDJ

1. Mission of the Entity:

The Mission of the Entity is to nurture the new generation of Japanese young people that are possessed of a global vision and values who might contribute to the progressive development of Japan and the world together.

With a view to materializing the above Mission, the Entity will engage itself to do the following activities:

  • Education and training, as well as the introduction, of young men/women with a global caliber.
  • International technical cooperation in the fields of natural resources, energy and the environment.
  • Support for global business development.
  • Support for knowledge management.
  • Support for the development of teaching materials and software that are relevant to the foregoing activities, and publishing thereof.
  • International medical information business. (newly added as of August 1, 2010)

2. About Us

Name : Global Human Development Japan (GHDJ)
Established : May 18, 2010
Capital : 3 Million Japanese Yen
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Global Human Development Japan (GHDJ) has duly registered this May, 2010 as a general incorporated foundation, afresh as an independent entity of the international 3E (Energy, Environment and Economy) consulting capacity previously belonged to the Glanz Co. Ltd. which was established in 2006.
GHDJ was started on the common thought by the five founders Yoshihiro Shirasaki , Hiromi Chihara, Takumi Takayama, Yukiko Kondo and Hiroyuki Chihara on how to maximize Japanese potential towards the merging globalization era. Hidefumi Nanasawa joined us in October to expand medical service sphere. One of GHDJ’s purposes is to help young Japanese people and those working in enterprises develop essential English communication skills.
GHDJ is not having specific auspices of governmental nor public organizations but independently seeking various activities in the Globalization perspective.
In the course of the various activities, GHDJ will collaborate and support organizations and companies for this purpose as well as our business development.

Our Vision:

Globalization of Japan not only in business but in worldwide socialization for Earth conscious future generation.
Sustainable value link between generations using senior people knowledge with keyword of “Globalization”

3. Our Missions :

Providing initiative and / or support activities for individuals, companies and organizations in Japan to transform and / or empower to Internationalization and Globalization

4. Our Activities :

  • Education and Publishing of Globalization literature and package
  • Consultation and Planning
  • Global entry support to/from Japan and outside Japan

5. Message from GHDJ President

In establishing Global Human Development Japan

The need for globalization in Japan has been said for a long time. In spring of 2010, One of Japanese leading newspaper ‘Nikkei’gathered ideas for ‘Japan, where the most globally minded people live’. The search of ideas for ‘Global People’ via media means we understand its importance but still in a lack. It also shows it is difficult to develop and create these ‘global minded human resources’.
What is ‘global human resources’? You may imagine people who are dealing with global business day to day. Also, the people who work in the environment with universities, research institutions, or in music, art and sports outside of Japan may apply. These ‘global human resources’ will be needed more and more from now on.
When you say ‘global human resources’, you may imagine people working in far away places. For example, the Japanese who live and work with local people in other continents like America and Africa. However, our idea of ‘global human resources’ is not only the people outside of Japan. We need the people who can think and act globally wherever they are.
The people who can think and act globally, are the ones not only who have high skills or knowledge. Any people who can use own specialties in the world anywhere in the world, are “global people”, Some people may work in Japan and have partners in other countries. Those partners may respect their skills and order products. Then, they are a member of global society.
So our aim of developing and creating the ‘global human resources’ is more in the common people who can act in global business in general.

Yoshihiro Shirasaki,
President - Global Human Development Japan
May, 2010

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