E & E (Environment & Energy)

1. Global News

We provide latest news list every day for the people who are acting in the global business environment. News is focusing to the activities of the Japanese companies in the international world.
You can access to the news site from this GHDJ homepage or you can access directly to the web site (http://global-jinzai.info/)
Also in addition to the news , several columns by GHDJ staff are published monthly. The columns will describe about the experience and information related to his world activities in projects including the international culture through multinational communication .
For the past published columns, please see the list below.

2. Project Support

GHDJ has been importantly concern to the issues of global environment, water and natural resources having the concept of “THINK GLOBALLY” .
The friction of economy, the environment, and the resource energy that expands globally is caused gaining power. The developed nations have been expanded into more diversifications and complications. And the deepening of the interdependent relationship among the developed industrial nations and the developing countries caused such frictions as well .
To deal with these problems, GHDJ will provide the support functions to the intergovernmental and a private project centering on the consulting business. GHDJ will mobilize the professional skill and specialist group on the site in each enterprise and the developing country. The functions of the project management, and the technique of the knowhow of the settlement of the issue are the supporting tool. Especially, support to the international technical co-operation by an intergovernmental project and the private company like ODA etc. that take up a global problem like fossil energy, can a reproduction, new energy problems, the power development, energy conservation, and the water resource problem such as the atmosphere and the regional environment management, the global warming issue, oil, and natural gases like the water pollution etc. is being strengthened recently.

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